Around the World
with Kate & Mack

A look at languages from A to Z

Hey kids! My name is Kate, and this is my friend Mack. We’re traveling around the world to learn more about different languages and cultures, and we’re making lots of new friends along the way. When you travel with us, you will:

  1. Learn about our most recent adventures through our monthly “Keeping Up with Kate” emails.
  2. Learn different fun facts, activities, stories and even ways to pray as a family for people around the world.
  3. Learn how more and more people are understanding that Jesus speaks their language, no matter what country they’re from!

Come try out these awesome activities with Mack and me!

Help the Arop People

Guide them safely through the maze to their new home.

Solve the Maze

Your Ghana Name

In Ghana, people are often named after the day of the week they were born on.

Find Your Name

Decode the Message

The Arop people didn’t always have an alphabet or know how to read or write.

Uncover the Secret

Get Cooking with Kate

What's cooking in a Bangladeshi kitchen? Let's learn to make bread.

Discover New Food

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