“The Weary World Rejoices”: Download This Free Advent Devotional and Explore What We Can Learn From the Nativity

Devotional on 2 ipad screens

Do you feel weary this year?

Even though the Advent season typically brings joy and lots of Christmas carols, maybe this year has been hard for you. It might be difficult to feel that “thrill of hope” you usually sing about.

Being weary is a perfectly acceptable place to approach Advent.

Advent exists to remind us that, while darkness surrounds us and troubles exist, the hope of Christmas isn’t far away. As you acknowledge that this hurting world is in need of real hope, you’ll have eyes to see this season through the same lens as the people waiting for a Messiah thousands of years ago.

Lessons From the Extraordinary

In our free, downloadable devotional, “The Weary World Rejoices,” you’ll spend the four weeks of Advent reading about the perspectives of those present at the nativity scene including Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and the angels.

As you lean into these stories, discover what you can learn from these characters’ responses to God in the midst of spectacular but strange and scary circumstances.

Bonus Christmas Content

In addition to devotional content and discussion questions, “The Weary World Rejoices” also includes some hidden surprises. Click on a special symbol whenever you see it to uncover gems like:

  • A curated Christmas Spotify playlist
  • Christmas cards
  • And more!

As we celebrate Jesus’ birth this year, let’s remember the promises of God and his goodness, even in the midst of dark times.