Partnering Together to Transform Lives!

Your church can help people get the Bible in their own language!

God has always used the church to carry out his mission to make disciples of all nations, and the Bible is foundational to that mission. But not everyone has access to the Good News in a language they can understand. And every day people are lost without the hope of the Good News.

Your church is vital to completing God’s mission around the world, and you can have a direct impact through Bible translation — would you like to see every language community receive the Good News in your lifetime?

How Your Church Can Get Involved

Whether it’s a single event or an ongoing partnership, your church can accelerate the pace of Bible translation. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

woman smiling
Advocate For the Bibleless

Involve your church in helping people meet Jesus through the Word translated in a language they can clearly understand.

A people group celebrates receiving Scripture in their language
Partner With a People Group

Connect with a specific Bibleless people group, helping them to translate the Good News through prayer and partnership.

Wycliffe missionary working with a national translator
Partner With a Missionary

Partner with the ministry of a Wycliffe missionary through prayer, finances and encouragement.