“Lessons From Lesser Knowns”:
Download This Unique Dinner Party Devotional and Discover Lesser-Known Scripture (And Recipes!)

Devotional on 2 ipad screens

God specializes in the unexpected.

He finds worth in the forgotten and unseen, and he can use often-overlooked Scripture to teach us valuable truths about his character.

The verses, passages and stories in the Bible that don’t make it into sermons or Bible studies or cross-stitch patterns are inspired by God (2 Timothy 3:16). There are wonderful, rich lessons we can glean from these lesser-known passages.

Our free devotional, “Lessons From Lesser Knowns,” dives deep into stories and parables in Scripture you might not have even known existed. Think of it like digging for treasure: you never know what hidden gems you might find in these verses!

A Recipe for Bible Study

Maybe you’re looking for a fresh new Bible study for your new or existing small group. You might even be looking for a way you can build more relationships in your church community, workplace or neighborhood.

What if you could discover a new way to study Scripture that combined devotional elements with international food?

“Lessons From Lesser Knowns” is more than a devotional: it’s also a dinner party! Each lesson in the study is paired not only with discussion questions but also an authentic global recipe. Some are from countries you may not have even heard of before! These unique recipes range from appetizers to desserts, and might even become your new go-to potluck favorites!