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The Japanese Sign Language Video Bible: Bringing lives together and transforming hearts

Found Family: How video Bible translation in Japanese Sign Language is strengthening the Deaf faith community

In Japan, there are over 250,000* Deaf people; less than 2% know Christ. They don’t have a Bible or even a New Testament in their language. But the Japanese Sign Language team is working hard to bring Scripture to the Deaf in a format that touches their hearts — video.

Many of the team members moved hundreds of miles from their own families and have found community with each other and the Deaf church. These Christians are worshipping together, sharing meals together, studying Scripture together, and celebrating holidays and birthdays together. Their faith and fellowship are being strengthened as their hearts are transformed by visual sign language Scriptures.

They may not be biologically related to one another, but they’re a family. A found family of believers.

*Source: joshuaproject.net

Japanese Sign Language team working together

Every Sign Matters

Meet the team translating Scripture into Japanese Sign Language, and discover how the Deaf in Japan are meeting Jesus in video format.

group photo of a Japanese sign language team

Rooted and Established in Love

The Japanese Sign Language team may not be biologically related, but they’ve found a spiritual family in each other.

a woman touches the hands of another woman signing

The Love of God in Sign Language

Discover how one Deaf church in Yamagata, Japan is a true example of the body of Christ to those around them.

Japanese Sign Language Project

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