“The Last Words of Jesus: A Lenten Devotional”: Download this free resource to prepare your heart and mind for Easter

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As you anticipate celebrating death’s defeat and the hope of salvation this Easter, take the time to reflect on some of the final statements Jesus made during his time on earth. From the Last Supper to the cross, you’ll discover the powerful lessons he delivered with each word.

Preparing for Easter

Lent is a time of spiritual renewal and reflection that represents the 40 days Jesus spent fasting in the desert before beginning his ministry. “The Last Words of Jesus: A Lenten Devotional” has six entries to represent each week of Lent, but they can be completed at any pace.

Maybe Lent has always been a part of your Easter season, or maybe you’ve never observed the tradition. But whether or not you give up something for Lent, you can still spend the 40 days before Easter preparing your heart and mind by turning to the Bible and reflecting on what Jesus shared in the key moments of his final hours on earth.

The Journey to the Cross

This devotional will take a closer look at what Jesus said and prayed at the Last Supper, in the Garden of Gethsemane, at his trial, to the criminal on the cross, to his mother and disciple John from the cross, and what his final words tell us.

Lent is a tumultuous and emotional journey that concludes with the promise of God’s healing and a wondrous sense of peace and hope: Jesus’ victory over sin and death.

“The Last Words of Jesus: A Lenten Devotional” is a great resource to study by yourself, with your small group or with your friends and family.