“Searching for Significance”: Download this free devotional to learn more about your purpose in God’s kingdom

Devotional on 2 ipad screens

We’re all searching for something in life. Whether you want to call it significance, purpose, meaning or something else, there is an innate desire in each of us for our life to matter — to live a life of significance and to leave a legacy.

But what does Scripture tell us about your value to God? What’s your purpose as a follower of Christ?

Discover Your Purpose

We’ve created a free, 7-day devotional for you to explore your significance and purpose called “Searching for Significance.” In it, you’ll dive deep into what Scripture says about your value in God’s eyes and how he’s created you on purpose for a purpose.

Everything was made to point your heart and mind back to your Creator. God has designed you with a purpose and a plan — to be his image-bearer, to bring him glory and to let that glory be known to the nations.