“Why Doesn’t Prayer Work?”: Download this free prayer resource to explore prayer from the example Jesus set

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Have you ever asked God for something and not gotten it? Maybe you felt like you didn’t get it because you weren’t praying often enough or hard enough. You might have wondered if God was even listening.

Is there a reason your prayers didn’t “work”?

Unpacking the Lord's Prayer

One of the most well-known prayers in all of Scripture is The Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6, and “Why Doesn’t Prayer Work?” is a simple and easy guide that can help you unpack this prayer.

It's easy to get intimidated by or overthink prayer, but Jesus’ relationship with his Father gives us a practical look at a life of prayer. You’ll discover that following the examples Jesus set during his time on earth takes the guesswork out of what to pray and how to be in relationship with God.

A Practical Look at Prayer

You’ll also explore the lives of other people in the Bible and learn that everyone’s prayer life is unique. There’s no formula for creating a perfect prayer life, and you don’t have to worry if yours looks different from the people around you!

“Why Doesn’t Prayer Work?” is a great resource to study by yourself, with your small group or with your friends and family.

Discover how to pray, what prayer is and what it isn’t by downloading our free resource today!